About Us

Founded in 1983 by four women who conceived the idea of organizing a group of professional women of color who shared the goals of friendship and service, The Society, Incorporated, is a non-profit national organization of women dedicated to enhancing, exposing, and promoting youth in the arts for the betterment of our communities. 

We are bonded in friendship and service to encourage and support youth who are talented in the arts. With a focus on under-served children, our work provides the opportunity to enhance youth appreciation for and knowledge of the exciting dimensions of artistic expression.

Since 2007, the Howard County, Maryland Chapter of The Society, Incorporated has promoted friendship among our members and served as a local resource in the arts for young people.

Our mission – To transform the lives and social conditions of children who live in underserved communities through involvement in the Arts.

Our vision – To help students connect and integrate artistic concepts across multiple art forms and to encourage students to explore their inherent abilities in the arts to illuminate aspects of themselves.

Our goals – To make the Society a household name in the Howard County, Maryland creative arts community by producing sustainable and substantive arts programming that will fill critical gaps in traditional access points to artistic pathways in the following ways:

 – Increase student engagement in the arts through exposure to different genres;

 – Raise young people’s self-esteem and confidence necessary to succeed through support of their artistic endeavors;

 – Explore artistic partnerships with like-minded organizations to help support our efforts